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Auto Services

Other Maintenance

Brake Fluid Flush
Exchanging the fluid in the brake system helps extend the life of the brake system parts, including the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers, ABS components, and hoses. Includes removal and safe disposal of old fluid and replacement with new fluid.
Cabin Filter
Cabin air filters clean incoming air from the heater/air conditioning vents and help protect the passenger compartment from dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles. Cabin air filters can be particularly beneficial for those with  allergies, as they help to remove allergens from the air. See your nearest Raffield Tire service advisor for inspection and replacement of your cabin air filter.
Maintenance Required Lights
Maintenance Required Lights are not a cause for alarm. They are simply a reminder that your vehicle is due for some scheduled service or maintenance, such as an oil change. Your Raffield Tire service advisor will be happy to evaluate the reason for the warning light, recommend the required service, and reset the light for you once the service has been completed.
Power Steering Fluid Flush
A Power Steering Treatment can restore quiet, smooth, and uniform steering control, as well as reduce wear and heat, which can lessen steering control and lead to premature failure of the power steering unit. Power Steering Treatment also removes contaminants, deposits, abrasive metal shavings and debris from power steering fluid system.
Wiper Blades
Most wiper blade manufacturers recommend changing the blades every spring and fall for best performance. Have your wiper blades checked with every oil change. Raffield Tire can help you pick from a wide range of wiper blades.



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